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Get Unwound through Ayurvedic Massage…

Text :Jiratorn S. Images: The Chiang Mai Oasis Spa

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.gifAfter slaving away throughout the week, what could be better than one-day pampering yourself with a massage at a fine spa establishment where you are sure to be treated as a princess and forget all those white-collar hours? However, what kind of massage? As one of those trapped in the urban jungle, I am here to recommend you the path to genuine relaxation for this weekend, the Ayurvedic massage; the aesthetic therapy originating from Indian alternative medicine.

.gifIn accordance with Ayurvedic philosophy, good health refers to the homeostasis of the whole human body system in which three fundamental elements are included; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The Vata, or the wind element, operates the nervous system, while Pitta, energy, takes control of the bile, digestion and metabolism processes, and Kapha, body fluid, is associated with mucus, lubrication and the carriage of nutrients into the arterial system.

.gifBased on its concept of medical treatment, Ayurvedic massage works on both the physical and mental levels, transmitting a life-giving energy that assists all systems of the body to repair and renew themselves. The massage practitioners pay attention to the subtle energy points which respond to gentle physical manipulation, and work with the needs of the different body types. It also includes several advantages such as pain and stress relief, circulation improvement, better sleep, flexibility, athletic performance and even emotional benefits. Regularly having the massage, results in the individual's toxin-release processes being gradually stimulated. As a result, deep-seated toxins within the joints and tissues will be loosened and eliminated through such treatment.

.gifToday, different massage techniques are applied to Ayurvedic therapy, such as oil massages which reduce friction and disperse heat. The oil includes skin nutrients, strengthening the nerve fibers as well as the hair follicles. Also it is believed that applying massage oil at the junction of spine and skull will calm the nervous system, strengthen the memory as well as improve the eyesight. And mostly, mixed formulas of oils for general body massage are widely used in Ayurvedic therapy.

.gifThat's all you need to know about the art of Ayurveda. Now where can you get this heavenly Ayurvedic treat right here in Chiang Mai city? Well, my selection for this week is the Chiang Mai Oasis Spa, at which my superb holiday is guaranteed by the place's National Prime Minister’s Award 2007 for Most Recognized Service among Foreign Customers. Does that sound like a good recommendation?

.gifAfter a sip of Chinese tea as a welcoming drink, I was escorted along the teak wood walkway surrounded by exotic tropical plants to the private villa, where my ultimate Ayurvedic massage experience began. "Please have a shower first, ma'am. I'll wait outside until you finish. Take your time," said the therapist gently. I entered the aesthetic outdoor bathroom in which the toiletries are well prepared. After the cleansing, I was ready for the therapeutic treatment. The melodious sound of Thai music is turned on before the warm oil with lavender scent is slowly sprinkled down from the specially made Indian brass bowl on my forehead, then the therapist starts the thorough and intensive scalp massage, following with a complete body massage with the perfect combination between traditional Indian Ayurvedic and Thai styles, with warming oil to relieve one's natural stiffness as effectively as possible - while my mind was indulged by the soothing lavender scent and euphonious Thai harmonies.

.gifTwo hours passed in this way and at the conclusion my whole body was glowing, my skin moisturised and made silky by the various unguents.

.gif Well… What more can I say? Shangri-La really exists and is just next door…

This information is by courtesy of Chiang Mai Oasis Spa,, and

Text :Jiratorn S. Images: The Chiang Mai Oasis Spa

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